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by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson


The leaders of seven wealthy democracies get lost in the woods while drafting a statement on a global crisis, facing danger as they attempt to find their way out.

international title: Rumours
original title: Rumours
country: Canada, Germany
sales agent: Protagonist Pictures
year: 2024
genre: fiction
directed by: Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson
film run: 118'
screenplay: Evan Johnson
cast: Cate Blanchett, Roy Dupuis, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Charles Dance, Takehiro Hira, Denis Ménochet, Rolando Ravello, Zlatko Burić, Alicia Vikander
cinematography by: Stefan Ciupek
film editing: Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, John Gurdebeke
art director: Zosia Mackenzie
music: Kristian Eidnes Andersen
producer: Liz Jarvis, Lars Knudsen, Philipp Kreuzer
co-producer: Judit Stalter
production: Maze Pictures, Buffalo Gal Pictures (CA), Thin Stuff Productions (CA), Walking Down Broadway (CA), Square Peg (US)

Photogallery 18/05/2024: Cannes 2024 - Rumours

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Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, Guy Maddin
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