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by Marco Mattolini


Miranda, a TV star lives in a world of bodiguards and victim secretaries who get fired according to their whims. Domenico, an extrovert jobless man of 25 years is sent by the service agency to be interviewed for the job of assistant to the young lady but the first contact is a disaster. Amedeo, the tenant of the lower story apartment, a well educated theatrical director and a disenchanted gay, tells him that Miranda is looking for a gay secretary and he offers to prepare him for the new meeting with the girl. Domenico brilliantly passes the test without knowing that his troubles start from that very moment.

original title: Per Finta o per amore
country: Italy
sales agent: Mediatrade
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Marco Mattolini
film run: 88'
screenplay: Simona Izzo, Elena Bonelli
cast: Remo Girone, Giulia Montanarini, Denis Fasolo, Giuliana Calandra, Bruno Gambarotta, Marzia Ubaldi
cinematography by: Bruno Cascio
art director: Gianni Quaranta
costumes designer: Maurizio Basile
music: Lucio Gregoretti
producer: Enrico Molè, Raffaello Monteverde
production: Leading Entertainment, Mediatrade
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