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by Norman Jewison


Pierre Brossard, as a young man, was a war criminal under the Vichy regime. Brossard has never been brought to trial and has lived a peaceful and anonymous life sheltered by right-wing elements within the Catholic Church. A new investigation into his crimes is launched and Brossard finds himself the target of hit men on the one hand and police investigators on the other.

international title: THE STATEMENT
original title: THE STATEMENT
country: United Kingdom, Canada, France
sales agent: Summit Entertainment
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Norman Jewison
film run: 120'
release date: UK 27/02/2004, GR 18/06/2004, FR 25/08/2004, IT 24/09/2004, HU 07/10/2004, ES 26/11/2004, DE 23/06/2005, AT 02/09/2005
screenplay: Brian Moore, Ronald Harwood
cast: Michael Caine, Tilda Swinton, Jememy Northam
cinematography by: Kevin Jewison
film editing: Andrew S Eisen, Stephen E Rivkin
art director: Françoise Benoît-Fresco
costumes designer: Carine Sarfati
music: Normand Corbeil
producer: Robert Lantos
production: Spice Factory Ltd., Company Pictures (UK), Odessa Films (FR)
distributor: Bac Films (FR), DNC Entertainment (IT), Filmax S.A. (ES)
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