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by Jonathan Glendening


Three girls living together in Brighton: at her 21st birthday party Michelle breaks up with her long time boyfriend Gary, but he has other ideas and will do anything to win her back. Poor little rich girl Vicky has become a slave to daytime TV and she is kept down by her slacker boyfriend Colin but she still has dreams. Becky is due to take her finals at University...if only she could stop clubbing and messing men around, especially Neil.

international title: Summer Rain
original title: Summer Rain
country: United Kingdom
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Jonathan Glendening
film run: 120'
screenplay: Chris Rieley, Jonathan Glendening
cast: Charlie Allen, Shelley Miranda Barrett, Daisy Beaumont, Teresa Carter, Lara Clancy, Andy Crabbe, Tim Crumpton, Paul Vaughan Evans, Charlie Watts
cinematography by: Peter Wignall
film editing: Ben Beaumont, Iain Mitchell
art director: Joe De Kadt, Mark Norris
costumes designer: Cyber Tart
music: Brian Gray, Esselle, Chinchilla, Crawl Limbo and others
producer: Jonathan Glendening, Stephen Salter, Ian Brady, David Rogers
production: Summer Rain Films Ltd, Great British Films
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