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by Pau Freixas


Five young people meeet in Senegal on a scuba diving expedition. There are taken to the diving area in an old boat. When an accident makes the engine explode, their vessel sinks and the group are left floating in the middle of the ocean. Their spirits lift up when they see a merchant ship. Just as they are about to ask for help to come abroard, they witness a gruesome murder. No longer daring to draw the attention of the crew, they manage to secretly board the boat and hide. If they can stay out of the sight until the next port, they'll be able to report what they've just seen.

international title: DEADLY CARGO
original title: CÁMARA OSCURA
country: Spain
sales agent: Filmax
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Pau Freixas
film run: 105'
release date: ES 27/09/2004
screenplay: Héctor Claramunt, Pau Freixas, Hector Claramunt, Pau Freixas,
cast: Silke, Unax Ugalde, Adrià Collado, Andrés Gertrudix, Diana Lázaro, Lluis Homar, Juan Fernández, Josep M. Domènech
cinematography by: Julian Elizalde
film editing: Jaume Martí
art director: Joan Sabaté
costumes designer: Nuria Anglada
music: Manel Gil, Rudy Gnutti
producer: Luis de Val, Pedro Doménech, Joan Bosch, Luis de Val, Pedro Doménech
production: Iris Star S.L., Telecinco Cinema, Manga Films, Telecinco, Televisio de Catalunya (ES)
distributor: Manga Films
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