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by Dave Borthwick


It’s a calm and peaceful day like many others at Bois Joli. Birds chirp, colors are bright, everyone laughs and sings. We have the imperturbable dog Pollux, who’s only interested in two things in life: candy and Margote; Azalée the cow, convinced that she’s a great singer; Ambroise the snail, who’s shy and secretly in love with Azalée, and nonchalant and lazy Flappy the rabbit, who spends most of his time stretched out relaxed.Suddenly, a terrible accident provoked by Pollux’s weakness for candy strikes the Magic Merry-Go-Round and Margote is imprisoned within ice. Zebulon, the leaping magician, tries to reassure his friends but he knows that the situation is very serious. He gets the frightened gang together and tells them a very old story.

international title: The Magic Roundabout
original title: The Magic Roundabout
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: Pathé Pictures International
year: 2004
genre: animation
directed by: Dave Borthwick
screenplay: Paul Bassett
producer: Andy Leighton, Laurent Rodon
production: Pathé Pictures
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