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by Nicolás López Fernández


Roberto Rodríguez is a 17-year-old, four-eyed tub; a total loser whose only escape from reality is in drawing comics, always accompanied by his two best friends, Condoro the perv, and Papitas the weirdo. But his life changes radically when Cristina arrives at his school. Cristina, the new girl (from Spain, on the top of that), who will bring his hormones to their knees. Of course, her eyes are set on Fele; the senior... the cool guy... the best looking guy... the enemy. Roberto's friends try to convince him that it's never gonna happen, but he will do whatever he has to do to win her affection... whatever the cost to his own dignity. After all, High School is supposed to be the best years of your life right?

original title: Promedio rojo
country: Spain, Chile
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Nicolás López Fernández
release date: ES 09/06/2006
screenplay: Nicolás López Fernández
cast: Xenia Tostado, Ariel Levy, Benjamin Viñcuna
cinematography by: Chechu Graf
film editing: Diego Macho
art director: Nelson Daniel
music: Manuel Riveiro
producer: Nicolás López Fernández, Javier Valiño, Santiago Segura, Miguel Asensio
production: Aldea Films S.L, Amiguetes Entertainment S.L., Sobras (CL)
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