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by Denis Iliadis


Two 16-year-old girls who left their homes meet each other when they turn to prostitution in order to survive. One of them, Martha, begins to comfort herself in the new found life while the other, Nadia, makes plans for the future. They become inseparable but Nadia gradually takes advantage of Martha's complete dependence on her and forces her to take part in a series of murders that are supposed to 'set them free'. The end is near...

international title: HARDCORE
original title: HARDCORE
country: Greece
sales agent: Ideefixe
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Denis Iliadis
screenplay: Denis Iliadis
cast: Katerina Tsavalou, Danai Skiadi, Homer Poulakis, Yannis Papazisis, Dimitris Lignadis
cinematography by: Thymios Bakatakis
film editing: Giorgos Mavropsaridis
art director: Elly Papageorgakopoulou
costumes designer: Elly Papageorgakopoulou
music: Coti K.
producer: Sevi Morou, Fenia Kosovitsa
production: Ideefixe, Greek Film Center, Odeon S.A.
distributor: Odeon
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