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by Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia


R2 is going through a bad patch. His latest actions have resulted in failure and rows with the Chief Inspector. He consoles himself by visiting Didi’s bar where at least he can cheer himself up. With the help of his inseparable Inspector Cárdenas, who he admires, he tries to solve everything that is put before him, with his more or less heterodox methods including his disguises. Until one day, without asking anyone, he decides to solve a very succulent case which seems to have fallen from heaven; the blackmail suffered by a rich businessman whose wife is threatened with kidnapping. She is also young and pretty, a perfect case for them to shine although Cárdenas and R2 are going to be tested to the limit.

original title: R2 y el caso del cadaver sin cabeza
country: Spain
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia
cast: Javier Gurruchaga, Juan José Pardo, Sandra Collantes, Pep Munné, Michèle McCain, Guillermo Ortega, Sancho Gracia, Jesús Bonilla, José Carabias, Luchy López, María Isbert
cinematography by: Rafael Bolaños
film editing: Andrés Sáenz de Heredia
art director: Antonio Belinzón
costumes designer: Isidoro Garcia
music: B. Torrijos
producer: Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia
production: RTVE - Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española, Enrique Cerezo P.C., Producciones A.S.H. Films S.A., Capra Films S.A. (ES)
distributor: Premium Cine (ES)
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