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by Heinz Emigholz


"Photography and beyond" is a series of twenty-five films (since 1984) about art and design - "projections" that become visible as writings, drawings, photography, architecture and sculpture. A reverse visual process is analyzed: seeing as expression, not as impression. The eye as the interface between the brain and the outside world, the gaze as a compositional power that projets an idea into the outside world or comprehends it by means of cinematography. From the writings, drawings and studies of the works of various architects something indescribable is formed: an expression in film of the objectification of mental thought."
Forum Selection Berlin 2005

international title: D'ANNUNCIO'S CAVE (Photography and beyond - Part 8-10)
original title: D'ANNUNZIOS HOHLE (Photographie und jenseits - Teil 8-10)
country: Germany
year: 2004
genre: experimental
directed by: Heinz Emigholz
film run: 102'
screenplay: Heinz Emigholz
cinematography by: Heinz Emigholz
producer: Heinz Emigholz
production: Pym Films
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