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by Serik Aprimov


In an isolated village in the Kazakhstan mountains, Erken, a boy of 12, lives with his mother, a beautiful and alluring single woman. One night, when the mother is visited by a hunter, Erken steals the latters horse and his gun to hold up a shop. Sought by the police, he is found by the hunter who gives him a choice: to go to prison or to go and live with him in the mountains. Thus begins a voyage of initiation, in the course of which the hunter tries to pass on his taste for and understanding of life.

international title: THE HUNTER
original title: OKHOTNIK
country: Kazakhstan, Japan, Switzerland, France, Netherlands
sales agent: Brussels Avenue
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Serik Aprimov
film run: 90'
screenplay: Serik Aprymov
cast: Kidiraliev Dogdurbek, Zhuasbaev Alibek, Omarova Gulnazid
cinematography by: Hasan Kidiraliev
film editing: Dina Bersugurova, Tatiana Suhorukova
art director: Serik Aprymov
costumes designer: Gaziza Korshieva
music: Kazbek Spanov
production: East Cinema (Kasachstan), NHK (Japan), Fonds Sud (FR), Montecinemaverità (CH), Hubert Bals Fund (NL)
distributor: Trigon Film (SU), Lumière (BE)
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