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by Andreas Gruber


Two Austrian police officers, Roesler and Samhaber, accompany Isaac to Ghana, but upon arrival, the Ghanese immigrarion officials do not buy the validity of his papers. They accuse the Austrian officers of forging documents and confiscate their passports, not allowing them to leave the country until the case has been cleared. But since Roesler and Samhaber were not prepared for an extended stay, they have nothing: no clothes, no money, and no passports. All of a sudden, the tables are turned and now they have to see how they can make ends meet until the Austrian embasy opens again... on Monday morning.

international title: Welcome Home
original title: Welcome Home
country: Austria, Germany
sales agent: Colonia Media Filmproduktion
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Andreas Gruber
film run: 102'
release date: AT 18/03/2005, FR 25/01/2006
screenplay: Andreas Gruber, Martin Rauhaus
cast: Georg Friedrich, Rainer Egger, Abdul Salis, Johannes silberschneider, Abdi Gouhad, Jeanette Hain
cinematography by: Hermann Dunzendorfer
film editing: Guido Krajewski
art director: Bertram Reiter
costumes designer: Esther Walz
music: Peter Androsch, Hons & Handler
producer: Veit Heiduschka, Frank Doehmann
production: Wega Film, Colonia Media Filmproduktion
backing: Filmstiftung Nordrheln-Westfalen, MEDIA, Öterreichisches Filminstitut, Cine Culture Carinthia, Filmfonds Wien, Kulturland Oberösterreich
distributor: Buena Vista International Austria, Limelight Distribution (FR)
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