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by Marco Kalantari


The story of the love between a female robot named Ainoa that discovers how valuable and precious life is and the young resistance fighter Yuri. Thanks to his love of Aiuoa he overcomes his fanaticism and, like her, becomes human.

international title: Ainoa
original title: Ainoa
country: Austria
sales agent: Cinevista Film Prokution
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Marco Kalantari
film run: 100'
screenplay: Marco Kalantari, Nina Munk
cast: Simon Licht, Verena Buratti, Gabriela Benesch, Thure Riefenstein, Edmund Jager, Johannes Stachel
cinematography by: Thomas Benesch
film editing: Marco Kalantari, Norbert Stangl, Emily Artmann
art director: Alexandra Maringer, Hannes Salat
costumes designer: Sabine Layer
producer: Marco Kalantari, Philipp D. Week
production: Cinevista Film Produktion Gmbh, Cinevista Film Prokution
backing: Land Niederbsterreich, Stadt Wien, Land Kamten, Stadt Zwettl
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