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by Dominique Standaert


"Let me tell you about my ex-neighbour, a former Sabena pilot, married to a Japanese woman who never adapted to our time zone and started doing the dishes at around 2.30 in the morning. I can give you a description of this thirty-something blond woman. Totally wasted at a party, she told me that every weekend her husband attended police balls without her because he was a sales rep for parking machines and rotating lights. But none of these people are characters in my film. No, the characters in my film are card¬board cut outs from children's books, destined to be dressed up in paper clothes: a ski outfit, or a sailor's uniform complete with bobble hat. The fun part is to mix it all up : a cyclist's shirt combined with the pants of divers' outfit... This mixing up reflects my characters better, for they are the outcomes of unusual combinations...". Dominique Standaert

original title: Formidable
country: Belgium
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Dominique Standaert
screenplay: Dominique Standaert, Dominique Standaert
cast: Serge Larivière, Stephane De Groodt, Isabelle Defosse, Serge Larivière, Georges Siatidis, Maaike Cafmeyer
cinematography by: Remon Fromont
film editing: Dominique Lefever
music: Vincent D'Hondt
producer: Patrick Quinet, Patrick Quinet
production: Artémis Productions
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