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by Mercedes Álvarez


Located in the most depopulated area of Europe, the province of Soria, where more than 75% of the population is over 75 years old, in the village of Aldeaseñor, there are 14 inhabitants; the youngest is 48 years old, the oldest a woman born in 1900. They are the last generation after an uninterrupted history of more than eight centuries. Nothing now can change the ticking away of time in this world which is folding in upon itself. Nowadays life continues. In a short time it will die out without a sound and without witnesses. For the visitor this landscape of moors and pine woods has been kept strangely intact and virginal without traces of the passing of time. This world forms part of the personal and artistic interests of the 48 year old painter, Pello Azketa who comes to the village along with his wife with the intention of renting a house and spending a short time there.

international title: The Sky Turns
original title: El cielo gira
country: Spain
sales agent: Wanda Visión
year: 2004
genre: documentary
directed by: Mercedes Álvarez
film run: 115'
release date: ES 13/05/2005, FR 20/07/2005
screenplay: Mercedes Álvarez, Arturo Redín
cinematography by: Alberto Rodríguez
film editing: Sol López, Guadalupe Pérez
producer: José María Lara
production: José María Lara Producciones, Alokatu S.L.
backing: University Pompeu Fabre, Barcelona
distributor: ID Distribution (FR)
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