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by Roland Vranik


Four men posing as chimneysweepers are looking for the answer in a goat’s stomach after a disastrous afternoon... And they find it!

international title: Black Brush
original title: Fekete Kefe
country: Hungary
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Roland Vranik
film run: 83'
screenplay: Gergely Pohárnok, Roland Vranik
cast: Gergely Bánki, Károly Hajduk, Hernádi Csaba, Réthelyi András, Zsolt Nagy
cinematography by: Gergely Pohárnok
film editing: Wanda Kiss
art director: Péter Mátyási
costumes designer: Sosa Juristovszky
music: Csaba Kalotás, Krisztián Vranik
producer: Gábor Kovács, István Major, András Muhi, Ági Pataki
production: FilmPartners & PartnersFilm, Filmteam Kft., Inforg-M&M Film
distributor: Budapest Film
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