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by Marie-Pascale Osterrieth


When the human male hits his forties, he has a tendency to leave his "worn out" wife to go galloping in greener pastures. Anne has gone through the experience with Julien, the man of her life. After fifteen years of shared existence, and despite the adorable little son they’ve had together, she’s got to face up to the facts: Julien has fallen for falling in love. Blind, then rebelling and accumulating casual affairs, she ends up learning to live with a reality she didn’t choose – for herself or her son. And like all of life’s big crises, the pain the situation gives rise to echoes more deeply buried childhood hurts. Nevertheless, this damn fine mess allows her to discover an ability she didn’t know she had: the ability to laugh.

original title: Le Démon de midi
country: France
sales agent: Pathé International
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Marie-Pascale Osterrieth
film run: 90'
release date: FR 22/06/2005, BE 28/09/2005
screenplay: Marie-Pascale Osterrieth, Michèle Bernier
cast: Michèle Bernier, Simon Abkarian, Julie-Anne Roth
cinematography by: Charles Van Damme
film editing: Guy Lecorne
art director: Olivier Jacquet
costumes designer: Sylvie Gautrelet
music: Jacques Davidovici
producer: Pierre Grunstein, Nathalie Rheims
production: Hirsch, Pathé Films, TF1 Studio Production
distributor: Pathé Distribution
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