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by Magdalena Piekorz


Thirty-year-old Wojciech is an ambitious and self-reliant man. Seemingly he has found his place in an orderly life living alone. Wojciech prefers not to have a family as it poses no risk in mistakenly becoming the sadistic father he remembers from his childhood. Not until a love interest appears in his life is he forced to face his haunted childhood memories and consequently his life choices.

international title: The Welts
original title: Pręgi
country: Poland
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Magdalena Piekorz
film run: 91'
release date: PL 08/10/2004
cast: Michał Żebrowski, Jan Frycz, Agnieszka Grochowska, Waclaw Adamczyk, Borys Szyc
cinematography by: Marcin Koszalka
film editing: Wojciech Mrówczynski
art director: Joanna Doroszkiewicz, Ewa Skoczkowska
costumes designer: Dorota Roqueplo
music: Adrian Konarski
producer: Wlodzimierz Otulak, Krzysztof Zanussi, Iwona Ziulkowska
production: Vision Film Sp. z o.o. S.K.A., Non Stop Film Service, Zespol Filmowy "Tor"
backing: Agencja Produkcji Filmowej
distributor: Vision Film Distribution
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