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by Ben Hopkins


In a series of scenes divided into "chapters”, we see revealing interviews with the Kirghiz, exciting and entertaining reconstructions, and comic scenes of the interaction between the film crew and the community. During this process, we learn how the Pamir Kirghiz’ antipathy to Communism drove them from Soviet Russia, then later from Maoist China, and finally from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan to their current exile. And as the past is explored in interview and reconstruction, we see how the Pamir Kirghiz live today in modern Turkey.

international title: 37 uses for a dead sheep
original title: 37 uses for a dead sheep
country: United Kingdom, Turkey
sales agent: Electric Sky
year: 2006
genre: documentary
directed by: Ben Hopkins
film run: 89'
screenplay: Ben Hopkins
cast: Arif Kutlu, Alpaslan Kutlu, Süleyman Atanìsev, Ìsmaìl Atìlgan, Şereban Aslan, Esat Tanrìverdì
cinematography by: Gary Clarke
film editing: Marco van Welzen
art director: Seda Orsel
music: Paul Lewis
producer: Ben Hopkins, Natasha Dack, Nikki Parrott
production: Tigerlily Films (GB), Pi Film Productions (TR)
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