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by Marc Bauder, Dörte Franke


Every family has a secret. Theirs lies in a country that no longer exists. A country behind a wall from whence they were “bought out” by the West Germans. Just as the old border between East and West Germany is only visible on old maps, looking at these people you wouldn’t know that they were all once imprisoned as “enemies of the state” under the GDR regime and later “redeemed” by the Federal Republic. And yet, for these people, the past is still present, in the midst of modern-day Germany. Not only has the past left traces in their country, it continues to have a deep effect on the people around them.

international title: Last To Know
original title: Jeder schweigt von etwas anderem
country: Germany
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Marc Bauder, Dörte Franke
film run: 72'
screenplay: Marc Bauder, Dörte Franke
cinematography by: Börres Weiffenbach
film editing: Rune Schweitzer
music: Bernhard Fleischmann
producer: Marc Baude
production: Bauderfilm
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