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by Valeska Grisebach


A man and a woman live in a village not far from Berlin. Out here, it feels as though the city were miles away. The couple have loved each other since they were children. They are inseparable. Both are now in their early thirties; he is a welder and a member of the auxiliary fire brigade. She works a few hours a week as a home help and sings in the choir. Their blissful relationship is so untrammelled by life’s little ups and downs that others regard them with a mixture of astonishment and mistrust. They give the impression of being as innocent and unsuspecting as a couple of children. One day, the man goes on a business trip to a large town with the fire brigade. After a night of heavy drinking and carousing he wakes up in another woman’s apartment. He can barely remember what went on. His efforts to find out what did occur lead to a passionate affair.

international title: Longing
original title: Sehnsucht
country: Germany
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Valeska Grisebach
film run: 88'
release date: DE 07/09/2006, BE 09/05/2007, UK 18/05/2007, IT 29/06/2007, FR 03/10/2007, ES 18/01/2008
screenplay: Valeska Grisebach
cast: Andreas Müller, Ilka Welz, Anett Dornbusch, Erika Lemke, Markus Werner, Doritha Richter, Detlef Baumanngi
cinematography by: Bernhard Keller
film editing: Bettina Böhler, Valeska Grisebach, Natali Barrey
costumes designer: Birte Meesmann
music: Martin Hossbach
producer: Peter Rommel, David Groenewold
production: Rommel Film, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), ZDF/3sat, GFP
distributor: Beeck Turtle (BE)
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