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by Nico Papatakis


An actress plays the role of an Arab terrorist who parachutists torture in a film that remains unfinished. In order to play her character better, she resorts to self-torture. Closely linked, fiction and reality make her life a nightmare: she is separated from her son, and her lover Hamdias, the director of the film; a humiliated producer, leftist intellectuals who mock her revoluntionary beliefs... Behind the camera, Hamdias assists in her suffering...

original title: Gloria Mundi
country: France
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Nico Papatakis
film run: 92'
release date: FR 02/11/2005
screenplay: Nico Papatakis
cast: Olga Karlatos, Armand Abplanalp, Philippe Adrien
cinematography by: Yorick Le Saux, Frédéric Variot
film editing: Jean-Claude Bonfanti, Thomas Bertay
art director: Robert Voisin
costumes designer: Janina Ryba
music: Bernard Parmegiani, Tassos Chalkias
producer: Nico Papatakis
production: Nio Productions (FR)
distributor: Shellac Distribution
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