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by Eliseo Subiela


Antonio Ruiz, a prestigious plastic surgeon from Andalusia, lives in Seville with his wife Cristina and two children, a woman who is about to make him a grandfather, and a teenager son. A good-looking young man in his fifties, he enjoys a healthy and juvenile way of life. Invited to a conference in Buenos Aires, during the event his personal assistant is a young and attractive woman called Delia. While in Spain his life will no longer be the same. He will have to share his desire to see her again and face the private upheaval created by Cristina when she leans about his affair. Faced with the inescapable destiny of any human being, Antonio will have to make a choice.

international title: Heartlift
original title: Lifting de corazón
country: Spain
sales agent: Latido Films
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Eliseo Subiela
film run: 90'
release date: ES 31/03/2006
screenplay: Eliseo Subiela, Alicia Rosendorn
cast: Pep Munné, María Barranco, Moro Anghileri, Rosario Pardo, Alfredo Casero, Arturo Bonín, Silvia Rey, Félix López, Jean Pierre Noher
cinematography by: Teo Delgado
film editing: Cristina Otero
art director: Abel Facello
music: Gabriel Mores
producer: Galeshka Moravioff, Carlos Rizzuti, Fernando Sokolowicz, Álvaro Alonso, Luis Ángel Bellaba
production: Jaleo Films S.L., Aquelarre Servicios Cinematográficos, Public Special Events (ES); Terraplén Producciones, Aleph Media, Cinema Digital (AR)
distributor: Festival Films (ES)
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