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by Giles Daoust


Alex is a young paraplegic stuck in a wheelchair, treated badly by his selfish mother and a crazy father. His sister, the only one who looks after him, is about to give birth and leava home. Crisis befalls the family, when in the middle of a family meal, a mysterious door appears in the middle of the house. Each person who passes through it disappears. Little by little, Alex and Melinda discover the mysteries hidden behind the door.

international title: The Room
original title: The Room
country: Belgium
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Giles Daoust
release date: BE 10/05/2006
cast: Pascal Duquenne, Caroline Veyt, Philippe Résimont, Françoise Mignon
cinematography by: Jean-Marie Nicolas, Raphaël Pannier
film editing: Pierre-Yves Jouette
costumes designer: Wendy Amrane, Catherine Detemmerman
music: Airlock, Renaud Charlier, Ernst Meinrath, Pierre Mussche
producer: Giles Daoust
production: Title Media
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