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by Steen Agro


When Colin Framption's wife is accidentally squashed by a statue during a romantic weekend in Prague, he decides that life isn't worth living without her. Using only the remaining balance on his credit cart Colin hires a long-suffering Czech odd-job man, Pavel, to kill him. An unlikely friendship develops as Pavels plans to kill Colin spin out of control. This misfit pair soon discovers that death does not come as easily as they thought.

international title: Shut Up and Shoot Me
original title: Sklapni a zastrel me
country: Czech Republic
sales agent: Moviehouse Entertainment
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Steen Agro
film run: 88'
screenplay: Steen Agro
cast: Karel Roden, Andy Nyman, Anna Geislerová, Robert Polo, Denisa Knoblochová, Matej Ruppert
cinematography by: Howard Smith
film editing: Michal Lánsky
art director: Roman Chochola
costumes designer: Zuzana Brozová
music: Frank Gough
producer: Jeffrey Brown, David Rauch, Paul Sherwood
production: Storitel, UFO Pictures S.r.o., Peligroso Productions (CZ)
distributor: Hollywood Classic Entertainment
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