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by Didier Bourdon, Yves Fajnberg


Francis, who is in his forties, manages the French subsidiary of an American high-tech company. Overnight, however, the shareholders decide to close the French company, because it is too expensive and not profitable. For Francis, who is used to the lifestyle of a CEO (4 wheel drive car, company mobile phone, holidays in Bali, etc.), it means rethinking completely his life. Depressed by the idea of being unemployed and the prospect of losing his second wife, Clotilde, he decides to consult a fortune-teller. The experience is a real eye-opener for him and the start of a new career. Accompanied by his childhood friend Ludovic, a doctor who leads a very settled existence and who keeps trying to dissuade him, Francis decides to take a “crash course” in fortune-telling, frequenting specialised salons and Internet sites.

original title: Madame Irma
country: France
sales agent: StudioCanal
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Didier Bourdon, Yves Fajnberg
release date: FR 06/12/2006, BE 13/12/2006
screenplay: Didier Bourdon, Frédéric Petitjean
cast: Didier Bourdon, Pascal Légitimus, Catherine Mouchet .
cinematography by: Pascal Caubère
art director: Jean-Pierre Clech
costumes designer: Marie-Laure Lasson
producer: Régine Konckier
production: StudioCanal, TF1 Studio Production, Adva Films (ex-Films Balenciaga), DB Films
distributor: Mars Films Distribution

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