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by Enrico Pau


Jimmy is almost eighteen and has always lived with his family. Sharing no prospects or points of view with those around him, he quickly responds to the siren calls of criminal behavior and ends up in a detention center for juvenile delinquents. Redemption seems to lie in the gentle outlines of the hills around the center, offering a different kind of future. But to kids like Jimmy it can sometimes seem easier to give in to the lure of self-destruction than to look for a way out of their situation. And so Jimmy comes to a crossroads, with only one night to decide the rest of his life.
From the novel of the same name by Massimo Carlotto.

international title: Jimmy of the hill
original title: Jimmy della collina
country: Italy
sales agent: Adriana Chiesa Enterprises
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Enrico Pau
film run: 86'
release date: IT 23/04/2008
screenplay: Enrico Pau, Antonia Iaccarino
cast: Nicola Adamo, Valentina Carnelutti, Giovanni Carroni, Francesco Origo
cinematography by: Gian Enrico Bianchi
film editing: Johannes Nakajima
art director: Marianna Sciveres
costumes designer: Francesca Leondeff
producer: Guido Servino
production: X Film
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