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by Víctor García León


Santiago is an actor in a hit vaudeville revue. Long-separated, he lives with Ana, a supporting actress with the same company. One night his son Guillermo bursts into the flat, thrown out by his mother after another of their endless fights. Thirty-year-old Guille has started to study several times and dropped out each time, never having done a day’s work in his life, but he’s a seducer and plans to continue getting by as he can. However, his father fails to see the funny side of the situation...

original title: Vete de mí
country: Spain
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Víctor García León
release date: ES 29/09/2006
screenplay: Víctor García León, Jonás Rodríguez
cast: Juan Diego, Juan Diego Botto, Cristina Plazas, Rosa María Sardá, Esperanza Roy, Antonio Zabalburu, José Sazatornil, Blanca Jara
cinematography by: Mischa Lluch
film editing: Búster Franco
art director: Carlos Higinio Esteban
costumes designer: Lala Huete
music: David San José
producer: Juan Gona
production: Gona
distributor: Universal Pictures International Spain
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