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by Wim Wenders


After years of living in Israel, a young woman returns to the United States to search for her only living relative, the brother of her deceased mother. Penniless, armed only with her winning optimism and the fearlessness born of youth, Lana ends up living in a mission in downtown Los Angeles. There she sets out to find her reclusive uncle, an obsessive loner fixated on weeding out people he thinks are dangerous to the state. When the two finally meet, their lives overlap and intersect, taking us in strange and surprising directions.

international title: LAND OF PLENTY
original title: LAND OF PLENTY
country: Germany, United States
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Wim Wenders
film run: 114'
release date: FR 22/09/2004, IT 09/09/2004, DE 07/10/2004, RO 23/11/2004, HG 25/11/2004, CH 27/01/2005, SE 29/01/2005, AT 18/02/2005, BE 23/02/2005, DK 23/03/2005, ES 08/04/2005, NL 21/04/2005, CZ 18/08/2005, FI 19/09/2005, PL 08/10/2005, SK 08/12/2005
screenplay: Wim Wenders, Michael Meredith, Scott Derrickson
cast: John Diehl, Michelle Williams, Richard Edson, Wendell Pierce
cinematography by: Franz Lustig
film editing: Moritz Laube
art director: Nathan Amondson
costumes designer: Alexis Scott
music: Thom
producer: Gary Winick, Jake Abraham
production: Reverse Angle Production, IFC Films (US)
distributor: Océan Films
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