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by Bertrand Tavernier


Paris, March 3, 1942. Continental, a German film company managed by Dr. Greven, has been producing French films since 1940. It presents a dilemma for French employees. Is it possible to work there "between the wolf’s jaws, there where it can’t bite you" as if nothing has happened, or is it better to refuse to collaborate and leave? Jean Devaivre, assistant director, makes a point of getting a job at Continental with the ulterior motive of masking his Resistance activities. He’s a man of action, reckless, impulsive and daring. Jean Aurenche, a screenwriter and poet, strives with all his might to avoid working for the Germans. Self-contained, insatiable, curious and torn between three mistresses, he’s a man who takes action with his pen, with his words.

international title: Safe Conduct
original title: Laissez-passer
country: France, Germany, United Kingdom
sales agent: StudioCanal
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Bertrand Tavernier
film run: 170'
release date: FR 09/01/2002, BE 23/01/2002, CZ 11/08/2002, NL 25/08/2002, IT 27/09/2002, ES 27/09/2002, UK 08/11/2002
screenplay: Bertrand Tavernier, Jean Cosmos
cast: Jacques Gamblin, Denis Podalydès, Charlotte Kady, Marie Desgranges, Maria Pitarresi, Marie Gillain, Philippe Saïd
cinematography by: Alain Choquart
film editing: Sophie Brunet
art director: Emile Ghigo
costumes designer: Valérie Pozzo di Borgo
music: Antoine Duhamel
producer: Alain Sarde, Frédéric Bourboulon
production: Les Films Alain Sarde, France 3 Cinéma, Little Bear, CP Medien AG, Vertigo Films
distributor: BAC Films, 01 Distribution, Curzon Artificial Eye, A-Film Distribution

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