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by Roberto Andò


The reconstruction of a criminal, tragic event and, parallel to this, the reconstruction of a life. To act in this reconstruction is Leo, a psychoanalyst in his forties who, to protect a secret, must face a difficult journey to Sicily. This is a journey of return, since twenty-five years before, he had fled from there with his younger sister Ale. This journey becomes the possible, lucid reconstruction of the crime that suddenly suspended their childhood, the story of their family.

international title: Secret Journey
original title: Viaggio segreto
country: Italy
sales agent: Adriana Chiesa Enterprises (ACEK)
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Roberto Andò
film run: 103'
release date: IT 03/11/2006, FR 07/03/2007
screenplay: Roberto Andò, Salvatore Marcarelli
cast: Alessio Boni, Claudia Gerini, Donatella Finocchiaro, Emir Kusturica, Valeria Solarino, Marco Baliani
cinematography by: Maurizio Calvesi
film editing: Jacopo Quadri
art director: Giovanni Carluccio
costumes designer: Gemma Mascagni
music: Marco Betta, Andrea Guerra
producer: Marco Poccioni, Fabio Conversi, Marco Valsania
production: Rodeo Drive, Medusa Film, Manigolda Film (FR)
distributor: Medusa Film, Magrytte Films (FR)
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