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by Catherine Corsini


Julien works in a bookshop in the provinces, writing and dreaming of being published. But the strange consequences of a meeting with Judith Zahn, a redoubtable Paris editor will change his destiny. Julien will find himself by chance in possession of the secrets notebooks of the father of the editor with whom the latter had a love-hate relationship. Becoming the official lover of the terrible Judith, Julien will use these secrets, which do not belong to him, to write a novel in secret. Discovering the manuscript, Judith, feeling betrayed, reproaches Julien for having pretended to love her, but accepts to edit the book as it could become a success, all the while preparing her vengeance against the young and ambitious writer.

international title: Ambitious
original title: Les ambitieux
country: France
sales agent: Pyramide International
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Catherine Corsini
release date: FR 24/01/2007, BE 02/02/2007
screenplay: Catherine Corsini, Cédric Kahn
cast: Karin Viard, Eric Caravaca, Pierre Arditi, Gilles Cohen, Jacques Weber
cinematography by: Hélène Louvart, Guillaume Schiffman
film editing: Simon Jacquet
production: Pyramide Productions
distributor: Pyramide Distribution
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