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by Corrado Guzzanti, Igor Skorfic


The directorial debut of Corrado Guzzanti. It is a satirical sci-fi fantasy about the paradoxical adventures of a bunch of fascists in 1939, who, unaware of the imminent war, sent out to conquer the red planet. Using images cited from Méliès' first films, and following the format of the old Istituto Luce cinema newsreels, we follow their reckless adventures, great discoveries, mystic visions and alien encounters.

original title: Fascisti su Marte
country: Italy
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Corrado Guzzanti, Igor Skorfic
film run: 100'
release date: IT 27/10/2006
screenplay: Corrado Guzzanti
cast: Corrado Guzzanti, Andrea Blarzino, Marco Marzocca, Pasquale Petrolo aka Lillo, Andrea Salerno, Andrea Purgatori
cinematography by: Igor Skorfic
film editing: Cristiano Travaglioli
costumes designer: Valentina Fragola, Isabella Melloni
music: Corrado Guzzanti
producer: Corrado Guzzanti, Domenico Procacci, Valerio Terenzio Trigona
production: Fandango, Kipli Entertainment, Studio Uno (IT)
distributor: Fandango Distribuzione
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