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by Iñaki Arteta


An interview-based investigation into the impact and the human consequences of the Basque terrorist group ETA on Spanish society over the past 30 years.
Thirteen victims from the thousand killed in the ETA terrorist attacks, thirteen stories involving a range of people from children to local politicians, all living with the awareness they might be blown up, adding up to a comprehensive thirteen motivations to produce a study of how terrorism affects everybody's lives, not only the political aspects of society.

international title: Thirteen Among a Thousand
original title: Trece entre mil
country: Spain
sales agent: Notro Films
year: 2005
genre: documentary
directed by: Iñaki Arteta
film run: 90'
release date: ES 11/11/2005
screenplay: Iñaki Arteta, Alfonso Galletero
cinematography by: J. L. A.
film editing: Iñaki Arteta, J. L. A.
music: Eduardo Basterra
producer: Iñaki Arteta
production: Leize Producciones S.L.
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