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by Ludovica Marineo


Alberto Pellicò is a screenwriter who manages to survive as a «nier», that is by writing for a famous colleague who, in the end, is the one that puts his signature and takes all the money. Pellicò only gets the crumbs, as no producer wants to read the screenplays carrying his name. But desperate times call for desperate measures : with the help of the Casablanca Pictures secretary and a company of desperate actors, he invades the big Producer’s villa under renovation, forcing him to assist to a crazy show where his stories…come to life!

original title: Saremo Film
country: Italy
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Ludovica Marineo
film run: 98'
screenplay: Ludovica Marineo, Domenico Strati
cast: Giorgia Bognanni, Gruppo di attori di Saremo Film
cinematography by: Roberto Meddi
film editing: Bruno Sandandrea
art director: Marta Maffucci
costumes designer: Maria Giovanna Gelmetti
music: Lamberto Macchi, Antonio Arena
producer: Silvia D'Amico Bendicò, Renzo Rossellini
production: RAI Cinema, Parus Film
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