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by David Ondříček


The Grand Hotel is a futuristic tower rising up into the sky on top of Mount Jěstěd, high above Liberec in northern Bohemia in the border triangle between the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. Somebody who has lived here for years is Fleischman. This famous hotel’s caretaker is a passionate amateur meteorologist who likes nothing better than to spend his time as close to the sky as possible, measuring the temperature three times a day. To him, the passing clouds symbolise freedom...

international title: Grandhotel
original title: Grandhotel
country: Czech Republic, Germany
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: David Ondříček
release date: CZ 12/10/2006
screenplay: Jaroslav Rudis, Pavel Jech
cast: Marek Taclík, Jaroslav Plesl, Jaromír Dulava, Dita Zábranská, Ladislav Mrkvička
cinematography by: Richard Řeřicha
film editing: Michal Lánský
music: Jan P. Muchow
producer: David Ondříček, Krystof Mucha, Ondrej Nerud, Vit Komrzy, Radim Janes, Ulrich Jobs
production: Lucky Man Films, Czech Television - Česká televize
distributor: Bontonfilm
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