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by Danielle Proskar


You’re dead rotten! You don’t care about me!” Karo yells into her walkie-talkie. She is addressing the Lord God, who has allowed her parents to split up. A grumpy voice answers Karo. Is this God? It seems that way at first, but when Karo meets him face to face, she isn‘t sure. Does the Almighty look so shabby? And why does he want to stop her from bothering him? But Karo persists and soon persuades him to help her hatch with various schemes to reunite her parents. They have some great ideas – but things don‘t quite work out according to plan. Still, life comes to look pretty fine again . . .

international title: Karo and God Himself
original title: Karo Und Der Liebe Gott
country: Austria
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Danielle Proskar
film run: 94'
cast: Resi Reiner, Victoria Drauch, Petra Morzé, Peter Faerber, Branko Samarovski
cinematography by: Gerhard Hierzer
film editing: Klaus Hundsbichler
costumes designer: Theresa Ebner-Lazek
music: Klaus Hundsbichler
producer: Fiona Meisel, Katja Dor-Helmer
production: Mini Film
distributor: Filmladen

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