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by Santiago Loza


In the sweltering summer heat of Buenos Aires, time seems to lose its breath. Veronica's apartment is empty, she has had to sell her furniture. At night, when she can't sleep, she gets phone calls from someone who says nothing. Her only friend is the fickle Barbara, who lives in the house she inherited from her parents. Veronica decides to rent out several of her rooms to earn some money. Martha, an angelic woman from the countryside, is seeking fame and fortune in the big city and moves in with Veronica. Sandra (46) is getting a divorce and feels like a teenager who doesn't know what to do. She hires a room from Veronica too. The four women spend several days together. Looking for the will to live, telling each other secrets and seeking support from each other, as they try to reduce the 'fear of life'. After the success of his sensitive début Extraño, Loza confirms his talent with an intimate, intensely personal and occasionally worrying study of a magic, chastening moment in the lives of four women.

international title: 4 Barefooted Women
original title: Cuatro mujeres descalzas
country: Spain, France, Argentina
sales agent: Global Screen GmbH (a brand of Telepool GmbH)
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Santiago Loza
film run: 90'
release date: FR 21/01/2005
cast: Eva Bianco , Mara Santucho , Maria Pesack , María Onetto et Ines Sanchez Aizcorbe
cinematography by: Willi Behnisch
film editing: Laura Bua, Stéphanie Mahet
art director: Alejandra Taubin
music: Fernando Tur
producer: Francesca Feder
production: Aeternam Films, Arcano Produciones (AR), Martin Loza
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