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by Stefan Westerwelle


A young gigolo is a desperate solution for an old man trying to put up with a lonely life. Even if only for a few hours, he loves the boy’s spontaneity and his joyful folly. As if sometimes desires really do come true, one night the boy himself asks the old man to spend the night with him. The old man does all he can to share these moments, which for him are unforgettable, with the youth who for his part feels increasingly oppressed by the affair. The old man’s hopes are shattered in a single night and the situation between the two degenerates. The next day the boy goes back to the old man to say goodbye.

international title: While You Are Here
original title: Solange Du hier bist
country: Germany
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Stefan Westerwelle
film run: 80'
release date: DE 25/10/2007
screenplay: Stefan Westerwelle
cast: Michael Gempart, Leander Lichti
cinematography by: Bernadette Paaßen
music: Andreas Gilgenberg, Martin Lesniak
producer: Stefan Westerwelle, Christof Groos
production: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (KHM)
backing: Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen
distributor: Pro-Fun Media GmbH
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