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by Maria Blom


Air hostess Nina is all smiles, and enjoys flying and having an occasional affair with married colleagues. But it doesn't take a genius to figure out that, behind her smiling face, Nina longs for a family. Things change when Nina meets Marcus, a widower with a young son. Almost reluctantly, they fall in love. But the ghost of Marcus' dead wife stands between them, and even the most loving of relationships would be endangered by Nina's dysfunctional family

international title: Nina Frisk
original title: Nina Frisk
country: Sweden
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Maria Blom
film run: 70'
release date: SE 09/03/2007
cast: Sofia Helin, Daniel Gotschenhjelm, Sven Ahlstrom, Gunilla Nyroos, Urban Eldh, Mia Poppe
cinematography by: Göran Hallberg
film editing: Petra Ahlin, Michal Leszczylowski, Andreas Nilsson
art director: Josefin Åsberg
costumes designer: Nina Sandström
music: Anders Nygårds
producer: Lars Jönsson
production: Film i Väst, Memfis Film & TV
distributor: Sonet Film AB
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