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by Srdan Golubovic


Belgrade in the post-Milošević era: a capital struggling to find a new identity in a nation whose recent past has left its citizens in a moral and existential desert. This is the home of Mladen, his wife Marija and their son Nemanja. When Nemanja is diagnosed with a serious heart condition, the doctors urge an operation abroad. But how can the family raise the necessary 26,000 euros? Just as the boy’s parents are ready to give up hope, Mladen meets a man who promises to give him the entire amount – if Mladen kills the man’s business rival. Mladen is at first repulsed by the proposal. But when his son’s condition suddenly deteriorates, he finds himself in a struggle with his conscience.

international title: The Trap
original title: Klopka
country: Germany, Serbia and Montenegro, Hungary
sales agent: Global Screen GmbH (a brand of Telepool GmbH)
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Srdan Golubovic
film run: 108'
screenplay: Srdan Golubovic, Melina Potakogević
cast: Nebojša Glogovac, Nataša Ninković, Anica Dobra, Miki Manojlović, Marko Durović, Dejan Čukić, Vuk Kostić
cinematography by: Aleksandar Ilić
film editing: Marko Gluśac, Dejan Urosević
costumes designer: Ljiljana Petrović
music: Mario Schneider
producer: Jelena Mitrović, Nataša Ninković, Alexander Ris, Jörg Rothe, Laszlo Kantor
production: Mediopolis GmbH, Új Budapest Filmstudió, Film House Bas Celik (CS)
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