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by Johan Kling


They come from completely different walks of life. Eva is young, pretty and blasé. She works in a boutique, spends all her money on fashion and belongs to a kiss-kiss circle of friends, where it is all about cocktail bars, luxury cars and the superficial question of who slept with whom. Bernard is 60, or 61 rather, as he is prone to say when he gets nervous and talks too much. He went through a divorce, hasn’t seen his grownup daughter for a year and is pretty run down. Normally, Eva would only ever talk to Bernard if he were to shine her shoes or park her car. But pride comes before the fall. It’s downhill for the conceited cutie: no boyfriend, no job, no money, so they meet one day as colleagues — at the grill at McDonald’s. Am I what I work — or what I do?

international title: Darling
original title: Darling
country: Sweden
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Johan Kling
release date: SE 09/02/2007
screenplay: Johan Kling
cast: Michelle Meadows, Michael Segerström, Richard Ulfsäter, Jenny Cassel
cinematography by: Geir Hartly Andreassen
producer: Fredrik Heinig
production: Spader Knekt Sverige AB, Svensk Filmindustri AB, Sveriges Television AB - SVT, Station to Station
distributor: Svensk Filmindustri AB
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