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by Ricardo Macián


The story of how some of the ordinary workers at Afghan Film ( The National Film Institute of Afghanistan ) saved the film archive of this country from destruction, hiding it in the gap between double walls which they built despite constant death-threats from the Taliban Government, literally dicing with death so that "the eyes of Ariana" (the ancient name of Afghanistan) should not be closed forever.

international title: The eyes of Ariana
original title: Los ojos de Ariana
country: Spain
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Ricardo Macián
screenplay: Carlos Muguiro, Ricardo Macián
cast: Sayed Majoo Hussaini, Mirwais Rekab
cinematography by: Jesús Sorní
film editing: Javier López
music: Josep Vicent
production: Croma Producciones S.L.
distributor: Croma Producciones S.L.
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