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by Ilian Simeonov


A thirteen year old kid, "the boy", lives and works in a cemetery. The cemetery is his whole life, and growing up with the dead instils in him an obsession and respect for death.

international title: Warden of the Dead
original title: Pazachyt na myrtvite
country: Bulgaria
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Ilian Simeonov
screenplay: Ilian Simeonov
cast: Vladko Georgiev , Samuel Fintzi , Izhak Fintzi , Diana Dobreva , Nikolay Urumov
cinematography by: Dimitar Gotchev
music: Teodosi Spassov
producer: Dimitar Gotchev, Zachari Paunov
production: Camera Ltd, Bntv
backing: NFC
distributor: Camera
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