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by Kiran Kolarov


On the night of the graduation ball the pride of the English Language School tries to escape to the West, but he is betrayed and captured. Accused of a political crime, Loris is sentenced. The year is 1986. The prison. “If you don’t know – we will teach you, if you can’t – we will show you how, if you don’t want to – we will force you!” The slogan written in red letters on the wall is put into practice. Torture, cynicism, and physical violence turn the talented young man into an impassive and cold-blooded observer. The fall of the Berlin Wall. Loris is granted an amnesty. Already free but alienated and indifferent to the world, he is turned into a mission man. In his desperate escape from reality Loris revenges his ruined life and takes the road to his own destruction. But he meets love! Loris tries to find salvation in a new flight...

international title: L's Revolt
original title: Buntat na L.
country: Bulgaria
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Kiran Kolarov
release date: BG 22/09/2006
screenplay: Kiran Kolarov
cast: Deyan Dragomirecki–Deo, Hristo Garbov, Fani Kolarova, Dicho Hristov-Dicho, Valentin Tanev, Valentin Ganev
cinematography by: Krassimir Kostov
film editing: Tatyana Bogdanova
music: Kiril Dontchev
producer: Kiran Kolarov
production: Kolar Film, Bntv
backing: NFC
distributor: Pro Films
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