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by Pepe Danquart


The story of two brothers, Alexander and Thomas Huber, who have been testing themselves in the mountains since early childhood. Today they are known to be among the world’s best sport and alpine climbers, impressing the world with their courage and breathtaking exploits. They are brothers who trust their lives to each other in the mountains but who go their separate ways in private life; brothers who experience conflict because of their opposite ways yet who are as inseparable as twins; brothers searching for their limits.

international title: To The Limit
original title: Am Limit
country: Germany, Austria
sales agent: Telepool
year: 2007
genre: docu-fiction
directed by: Pepe Danquart
release date: DE 22/03/2007
screenplay: Pepe Danquart
cast: Alexander Huber, Thomas Huber, Dean S. Potter, Chongo
cinematography by: Wolfgang Thaler
film editing: Mona Braeuer
music: Christoph Israel, Dorian Cheah
producer: Kirsten Hager, Erich Lackner, Mirjam Quinte
production: Hager Moss Film, Lotus Film, Quinte Film
backing: Filmfoerderungsanstalt (FFA), FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Oesterreichisches Filminstitut
distributor: StudioCanal Germany
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