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by Andrea Manni


Ugo and Francesca have been married for ten years. They peacefully decide to break up without too much fuss. This way, they have to face many singles situations back. They have to deal with their children, their work and social relationships alone. They both start seeing someone else until jealousy arises. Perhaps the love they had has not end up yet...

original title: Voce del verbo amore
country: Italy
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Andrea Manni
release date: IT 27/04/2007
screenplay: Andrea Manni, Maurizio Costanzo, Anne Riitta Ciccone, Silvia Ranfagni
cast: Stefania Rocca, Giorgio Pasotti, Cecilia Dazzi, Simona Marchini, Tony Kendall
cinematography by: Massimo Pau
film editing: Alberto Lardani
costumes designer: Chiara Ferrantini
music: Theo Teardo
producer: Marco Poccioni, Marco Valsania
production: Rodeo Drive
distributor: Medusa Film

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