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by Veiko Õunpuu


How close can we get to others? Is it possible to live a life completely devoid of love? Can someone, who has experienced what a fragile state of affairs shared happiness is, trust another again? What can be said about life anyway? Some chosen moments from the life of six people living in a huge sprawling conurbation of tower blocks built during the soviet era.

international title: Autumn Ball
original title: Sügisball
country: Estonia
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Veiko Õunpuu
film run: 123'
release date: EE 13/09/2007, NL 29/10/2009
screenplay: Veiko Õunpuu
cast: Mirtel Pohla, Sulevi Peltola, Rain Tolk, Juhan Ulfsak, Ivo Uukkivi
cinematography by: Mart Taniel
art director: Ain Nurmela
costumes designer: Helen Ehandi
music: Ülo Krigul
producer: Katrin Kissa
production: Kuukulgur Film, Homeless Bob Production, Tugev Tuul Films
distributor: Amstelfilm (NL)

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