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by Patrik Lančarič


In the final days of World War II, a Slovakian partisan is taken prisoner by the Germans and sentenced to death. He is taken into the woods by a German soldier, who has orders to shoot him, but the German seems reluctant to carry out his task. The two march on and on through the bitter cold of the snowy mountains until the German reveals that he won't kill the partisan because he sees this as a moral victory. Then other partisans appear and now the German is the prisoner. Will morality prevail and his life be spared?

international title: Facing the Enemy
original title: Rozhovor s nepriateľom
country: Slovakia
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Patrik Lančarič
release date: SK 07/03/2007, CZ 28/03/2007
screenplay: Peter Pavlac, Patrik Lančarič, Marko Igonda
cast: Marko Igonda, Alexander Bárta, Boris Farkaš, Monika Hilmerová, Juraj Kemka, Marián Miezga
cinematography by: Peter Kelíšek
film editing: Lubomír Cechovic
art director: Richard Homola
costumes designer: Dagmar Vobořilová
music: Vladimír Martinka
producer: Marek Veselický, Jozef Mičo
production: Farbyka Production
distributor: Itafilm
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