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by Rangel Valchanov


In the once cult film Where Do We Go From Here?, twenty-six novice actors are left to the mercy of an invisible examining board. An anonymous power grinds them down with intrusive questions and objectionable demands. The humiliated idealists are then faced with an agonising and interminable wait to discover if they are to be given their big chance in life. Twenty years on, they all meet up for a banquet organised by a colleague posing as a sponsor. Only a few of them have remained faithful to their impoverished Muse, both in their native Bulgaria and abroad, where some have travelled in search of creative freedom. Together with their director, they examine what remains of their ideals and illusions, what has influenced their careers, often far removed from the delusive world of art.

international title: Which Way Today
original title: A dnes nakade
country: Bulgaria
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Rangel Valchanov
screenplay: Georgij Danailov, Rangel Valčanov
cast: Albena Stavreva, Annie Valčanova, Antoaneta Stančeva, Genadi Nikolov, Georgij Enčev
cinematography by: Radoslav Spassov
film editing: Marija Handžijeva
art director: Irina Stojčeva
music: Kiril Dončev
producer: Stefan Kitanov
production: Art Fest Ltd.
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